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From The Farm to Your Doorstep..


For over seven decades, SS Brand Rice has been committed to help people live better, healthier and more wholesome lives. Since inception in the 1970’s, the company envisioned and driven ahead under the visionary leadership of S.Ponnusamy Gounder has emerged as a leading supplier of superlative quality premium rice.

Today, the business is being revolutionised under the guidance of next generation scion, P.Natarajan, who has taken it forward to greater heights by enhancing the manufacturing using modernised machineries. Mr.Thiyagarajan Natarajan partnered with Mrs. Geetha Thiyagarajan have worked tirelessly to develop SS Brand Rice from a ‘product’ into a ‘brand’. His vision for the company, marketing efforts and business strategies were the core foundation for a fresh growth phase.

Over the years, the SS Brand Rice has become a well-known and a household name across Coimbatore, Tirupur, Nilgiris District, Salem and Palakkad. Customers from Chennai, Bengaluru and other parts of India have also specially requested to buy products owing to its premium quality. Going forward, SS Brand Rice seeks to expand its presence all over India.


Cook it 'Le-Parfait' 

Like every dish has its own method of preparation for its taste,

we would love to share the best way to cook our rice to enjoy it to the fullest of its taste. 

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