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The Legacy of SS 

Located in Kangayam - Tamil Nadu (India), our story commenced in the year 1970. S.Ponnusamy Gounder, our backbone embarked this journey during 1966. Sooner in 1970, the brand found its identity - SS RICE BRAND. Later his son P. Natarajan, with his developmental stratergies intriduced the auto packing methods into the process, which by far is the mos efficient step. 

The family's third generation son, Thiyagarajan.N has implemented has implemented some of the latest technology, with highly sophisticated cutting-edge processing equipment. The company is actively working towards profitable growth by prioritising superior customer satisfaction, innovation, quality and commitment. The Hi Tech Machines has eased the processing, making the grains hands-free from soaking to packing. Our machineries are implemented with the state of art technology to reduce wastage and damages to the grains. 


Rice lists under the staple food of India and only a few could try to match the nutritional value of Rice we bring to the table. We wanted to provide the best products of Rice whilst maintaining product quality and consistency. The refreshing fragrance of perfectly cooked pearls of rice brings an immense amount of satisfaction on one’s face.



The third generation of this family believes its their duty to deliver this beautiful experience with the best of quality, utmost dedication and love for our customers


SS Rice Mundy takes pride in offering a wide range of products, while ensuring uncompromised quality. Over seven decades of leadership in rice processing, the brand has won the hearts of numerous satisfied customers. The rice varieties are all 100% sorted and cleaned and packed in a hygienic manner. The product is processed using traditional processes, with modern machinery.

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